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You can count on a Kirby Lester. Our customers do every day.
More than 40,000 customers can’t  be wrong!


Case Studies

Hundreds of thousands of pharmacists, techs, and QC managers have benefited from using Kirby Lester devices since we invented the first pill counter in 1971. We hear daily how our technology makes them better, faster, and more accurate. Here’s a sample of what customers say about the most trusted name in counting.

Central Florida Retail Pharmacy

“Using a Kirby Lester counter saves me time to focus on my Star Ratings."


Randy Aasen, Aasen Drug Store, Mayville, ND

“We use two Kirby Lester counters all day long, and they are never wrong. I am a big fan of these machines."


Felix Szymkowiak, Roadway Pharmacy, Seward, PA

"A high school kid with a tray and spatula is not peace of mind. The KL1Plus backing up my techs on every fill — now that is real peace of mind,"


Sam Brian, Court House Pharmacy, Winnfield, LA

"I don't see how any pharmacy can operate without a Kirby Lester. It's indispensable - so simple, so accurate, and in my opinion - so necessary.”


Bill Mattson, Ballin LTC Pharmacy, Chicago, IL

“The ability to interface with our pharmacy management system is a huge advantage. I love how every order from dispensing to verification is tied together. We used to spend a good chunk of every day hunting around for the status of this or that order, now we have all that information right at our fingertips.”


Marty Hinterlong, Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, St. Clair, MO

"It is inexcusable if you are not using Kirby Lester to verify the accuracy of every single medication you are dispensing. Without a visual verification and barcode scan-match, everything is a risk."


Beau Diab, Petranek's Pharmacy, Libertyville, IL

 "It's the only device that I rely on, in a pharmacy that has been serving the same community for 140 years."


Kristy Monson & Susie Hooker, Cotton County Drug, Walters, OK

"The Kirby Lester KL1 is a life saver for inventory time as well as daily use. It also is awesome for using as a second count for double-counting control drugs. Its ease of use makes it irreplaceable."


Laura Owens, Carolina Family Health Centers Pharmacy, Wilson, NC

"From the very first day, the KL60 handled 37% of our orders, even before we started tweaking our processes. The KL60 has quickly become my technicians' best friend.”


Ashley Brehme, Blakesley Drug, Manchester, IA

“With the KL1Plus, we have a way to easily verify what we ran, at what time and day. It's just another way this device prevents errors."


Robert Polley, Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic, Peoria, IL

“We watch our controlled meds like a hawk, and we have our technicians perform a monthly count. But it's inevitable to be off from time to time, and it's also a dull, dreaded task. The day the Kirby Lester arrived, the technicians fell in love with it in about 10 minutes.”


Linda Corporon, Medical Arts Pharmacy, Copperas Cove, TX

"When we installed our Kirby KL60 pharmacy robot, we thought it’s just going to count for us. On the second day, we literally saw this kind of automation was going to lengthen our careers another 10 years."


Ron Bates, Sharp Packaging Solutions, Allentown, PA

“The KL1 devices decrease counting time and improve accuracy. If you are in the business of verifying in‐ process counts of bottles, the KL1 should get a serious examination.”



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