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Kirby Lester’s flagship robotic dispenser, the KL60, is a unique approach to pharmacy automation. The KL60 robot won’t take up too much floor space, inventory, time or budget – yet it handles the labeling and filling of more than 1/3 of your daily prescriptions automatically. If you ever worried that your pharmacy was “too small” for full automation, take a tour of the KL60 – perfect sized for retail and hospital outpatient pharmacies filling 150 scripts / day and up. Let the KL60 handle the bulk of your prescriptions so you can focus on important initiatives like Star ratings, medication therapy management and profitability. The KL60 is proof-positive that you don't need an oversized, overpriced pharmacy robot to dramatically improve your workflow.


  • Fully Automate 35-40% (or More) of Total Orders - Pharmacies dispensing 150 up to 1,000 Rx / day routinely find the KL60 automates more than 1/3 of their daily prescriptions. By automating 60 medications, there are no "slow mover" medications to expire in the unit before they are dispensed, and stocking is not prohibitively expensive.

  • Free Up 5-10 Hours/Week - KL60 automatically dispenses more than 1/3 of orders; your pharmacy staff is freed up to concentrate on important priorities like customer service, Star ratings, MTM.

  • FillSafeTM: Peace of Mind During Refilling - FillSafeTM security system prevents dispensing from a cassette whose refill or return-to-stock was not authorized by a pharmacist. Cassettes are automatically deactivated when removed.

  • Compact - Less than 4’ deep and 2.5’ wide, the KL60 requires very little or no remodeling.

  • Industry-Best Speed and Accuracy - Orders are labeled, counted and presented in about 30 seconds.

  • User-friendly, Easy Maintenance - Intuitive software guides the technician through the simple Rx filling and replenishment process.

  • Data Safety - The only pharmacy automation company that is ISO 27001:2013 certified, meeting the highest standards for cyber-security and HIPAA compliance.

Affordable pharmacy robotic dispensing for low- to high-volume pharmacies, powered by FillSafeTM







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