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Kirby Lester systems have been proven to reduce fill time, errors and costs.

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Tablet Counter Return on Investment

Kirby Lester technology yields a fast Return on Investment - in most cases, ROI is measured in months, not years depending on the Kirby Lester model, your goals at the time of purchase, and factors at your individual pharmacy. In numerous independent studies, Kirby Lester pharmacy automation has been proven to reduce fill time, errors and costs, and bring about a faster-than-expected ROI. Contact Kirby Lester for a customized ROI analysis.

Negative profit influences that are improved with Kirby Lester technology

  • Rx dispensing time detracting from profit-driving activities (e.g., MTM, adherence)

  • Lost profits from overcounting

  • High labor costs (e.g., pharmacists filling scripts)

  • Wasted pharmacist check time correcting technician errors

  • Escalating patient wait times

  • Insurance risk/rising premiums

  • Staffing shortages

  • Pharmacy layout inefficiency



Peter Kreckel, RPh, Thompson Pharmacy, Altoona, PA

  • Prevent 2.7 errors/week

    In a 2015 national research study of community pharmacies, the use of the KL1Plus scan-verification and counting device was shown to prevent an average of 2.7 errors per week*. Participants tracked incidents of pharmacy technicians dispensing the wrong medication, strength or intended quantity. Additionally, 3 in 4 pharmacies reported a significant rise in their staff's awareness of the potential for dispensing errors after using technology to fill prescriptions, versus traditional manual methods.


    *Q2, 2015 Kirby Lester Research Study

  • Free up 5-10 hours/week for profitability, customer care

    Kirby Lester KL60 and KL100 robotic dispensers dramatically boost efficiency and a positive ROI. In a July 2014 survey, Kirby Lester users reported that their KL60 or KL100 pharmacy robot directly enabled pharmacy management to leverage their staff pharmacists and technicians to concentrate on pressing needs such as medication adherence, health screenings, immunizations, process improvement and customer care.*


    *Q3, 2014 Kirby Lester Research Study

  • National error rate: 4 per day

    Counting-and-scan verification technology has been proven to reduce costly and image-damaging dispensing errors. These errors are a nationwide problem, occurring at a rate of about 4 errors per day in a pharmacy filling 250 prescriptions daily. An estimated 51.5 million errors occur during the filling of 3 billion prescriptions each year. Verification systems have been proven to reduce errors.*


    * 2003 Auburn University, "National Observational Study of Prescription Dispensing Accuracy and Safety in 50 Pharmacies"

  • Reduce counting times by 0.45 minutes/Rx

    A study of three pharmacies in a regional chain showed that installing a Kirby Lester counting device reduced count times by 0.45 minutes per prescription.*


     *2008 Study - The ThomsenGroup Inc., "The Impact of an Automated Table Top Counting And Dispensing System in a Regional Chain Pharmacy Setting"

  • Customer disputes cost 18 minutes of productivity

    A retail pharmacy receives on average 9 complaints per month from customers who report they were dispensed fewer medications than prescribed. The average time to resolve the dispute is 18 minutes. The majority of disputes involve controlled substances. A counting & scan verification system (KL1Plus, KL30, KL60, KL100) eliminates ambiguity by tracking and storing important data: time of each Rx, quantity prescribed, medication dispensed.


    *Q4, 2012 Kirby Lester Research Study

  • Save 61 hours/month in labor

    A regional chain study of Kirby Lester pharmacy robots yielded a savings of nearly 61 hours in labor/month, or 730 hours in labor/year. This was based on an average Rx volume of 200/day.


    *Q2, 2015 Kirby Lester Research Study

"Our Kirby saves a lot of hassle, time and money. New customers try once to say their prescription was shorted. After Kirby works its magic, we are never again given this line of garbage! I don't think I could work at a pharmacy that didn't use some sort of verification software like the Kirby. It's like having another person standing over your shoulder making sure you didn't make a mistake."



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