Kirby Lester

Community pharmacies, like fingerprints, are all unique. Yours may process 50 prescriptions or 1,000 prescriptions per day. Yours may focus on dispensing, or compounding, or central fill, or specialty disease states. But we’re confident that all community pharmacies are alike in one aspect: They need time to free themselves up for their customers and their business growth. Let us help you analyze your work-flow and calculate your ROI to determine the best way to get more done in a day, with affordable pharmacy robots to the world's most trusted tablet counters to verification-and-counting systems.

Since 1971, Kirby Lester has been partnering with every type of community pharmacy:


  • National Chain Pharmacies

  • Regional Chain/Grocery Pharmacies

  • Independent Pharmacies

  • Mail Order & Central Fill Pharmacies



Kirby Lester


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