Kirby Lester

Hospital outpatient pharmacies, community clinics and 340B pharmacies need fast, accurate and safe dispensing. This is especially true of outpatient pharmacies implementing a "Meds-To-Beds" concierge program to deliver medications to the patient's bedside before discharge. And pharmacies that are tasked with employee prescriptions need to manage the rise in daily script volume - without adding additional FTEs. Kirby Lester pharmacy automation frees up your staff to focus on these major initiatives by handling the dispensing of 100% of doses, whether via a simple counting device with scan-verification, or fully automated robotic dispensing that won't eclipse the budget.

Our customers have deployed Kirby Lester dispensing technology to directly address:


  • Readmissions penalties via a "Meds-To-Beds" concierge program

  • Employee prescription filling

  • After-hours ambulatory care dispensing

  • Inventory control

  • Profitability initiatives in the front of the pharmacy

  • Increase in prescription volume without affecting employee headcount

Kirby Lester


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