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The KL60 and KL100 can only be from Kirby Lester. After all, we are the pharmacy automation company that prides itself on delivering unique technology that never takes up too much floor space, inventory, time or budget. Case in point, our unique KL60 and KL100 redefine the term "pharmacy robot."  A Kirby Lester robot is proven to deliver improved efficiency and dramatic time savings.


KL60 & KL100 Additional Highlights


  • Kirby Lester’s KL60 and KL100 are compact pharmacy automation, fitting into crowded spaces where no other pharmacy robot would have been feasible.Pharmacy Automation Robot DimensionsThe industry's smallest  pharmacy dispensing robot, it can fit into even the most crowded community pharmacy’s layout. It’s essentially the same size as a half-row of standard pharmacy shelving. Ask us for a physical layout example to help you envision exactly where a KL60 or KL100 pharmacy robot would best fit in your pharmacy.

  • Direct interfacing to your pharmacy management system. We’ll handle the technical intricacies of interfacing so you don’t have to worry.

  • We make it simple for you to manage the automation of your top 60 or 100 tablets or capsules. Our pharmacy automation experts help you analyze your formulary and choose the optimal medications to dispense from the KL60 or KL100 medication robot.

  • Unique drug-specific cassettes dispense with flawless accuracy. The gravity-feed design and adjustable cassette speed avoid the pill-jamming and miscounting frustrations of error-prone hand-calibrated cassettes. It’s exactly why our cassettes are “intelligent" (encoded) and shaped for specific medications: prevent dispensing errors, maximize counting speed, and eliminate hand-tinkering and hand-calibration (which lead to mistakes).

  • Accommodates several common vial types and two vial sizes (from 12 dram to 40 dram). Chances are, you’re already using one of our approved medication vials, or a model that’s similar.
    Vial types: The KL60 & KL100 currently accommodate
    6 vial styles
    medication countersBerry (Kerr)
    Friendly & Safe

    13, 16 or 20 dram; and 40 dram
    Berry (Kerr) Perfect Pak
    12, 16 or 20 dram; and 40 dram
    Centor (Rexam) 1-Clic13, 16 or 20 dram; and 40 dramCentor (Rexam) Screw-loc13, 16 or 20 dram; and 40 dramAltium (Tri State) Pro One 13 or 16 dram; and 40 dramAltium (Tri State) Pro Tect 13, 16 or 20 dram; and 40 dram

  • Uninterrupted operation while cassettes or vials are replenished.

  • Direct-fill from cassette to vial, with no cross-contamination.

  • Standard 110v power, and no special wiring, floor supports or compressed air are needed. The KL60 / KL100 dispensing robot runs quietly, smoothly, and efficiently.

  • pharmacy robotPharmacy robots should be durable and hassle-free. Kirby Lester’s virtual support, phone support and onsite technicians (when the need arises) ensure your KL60 and KL100’s smooth operation.Flexible labeling, customizable for each pharmacy. Your existing label will mirror the KL60/KL100 thermal label perfectly.

  • The installation and onsite training process is conducted by our expert team, which will ensure the entire staff is at ease with operating the KL60/KL100.

  • Industry-leading uptime. Pharmacy automation should improve your workflow, not slow it down. The KL60 / KL100 pharmacy dispensing robot's proven reliability record is enabled by remote-access software and 24/7 technical support team based in our Lake Forest, IL headquarters.

A Closer Look At Kirby Lester's Fully Automated

Prescription Filling Robots

Click on image to see larger version.

A helpful checklist for retail / outpatient pharmacies



White Paper On Technology Efficiency

Do I Need Pharmacy Automation?

“Pharmacy Automation In Retail Pharmacies: Assessing the right reasons, the right time, and the right extent to automate”  Click Here.

If any of these challenges occur in your pharmacy, you likely will benefit from some level of Rx filling automation, whether it is our best-selling KL1 tablet counter, our unique KL1Plus counter-with-scan verification to prevent errors, or our pharmacy dispensing robots. Talk to Kirby Lester about the right model for your pharmacy.

Thinking about simple counting devices?
Click here for a comparison chart of the KL1 and KL1Plus tablet counters


Thinking about fuller-functioning Rx filling technology?
Click here for a comparison chart of the KL60 and KL100 pharmacy robots


Need to focus more on customer services like MTM
and adherence

Need a competitive edge

Still hand-counting by 5’s

Concerned about dispensing errors

Pharmacy insurance company suggested “risk-minimizing technology”

Paid too much in taxes last year

Pharmacists are counting medications, not technicians

Want to free up time to grow business

Don’t use any verification software (barcode-scanning to check the stock bottle NDC with the order’s NDC)

Daily Rx volume is rising

Hard to fill staff vacancies

Pharmacy environment is stressful and strained

Always wanted a pharmacy robot, but they were too expensive, too big, or too complex.

pharmacy automation

Watch a 30-second tour of how a Kirby Lester pharmacy dispensing robot efficiently manages one RX prescription. A direct link to Kirby Lester's YouTube channel can be found here.

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