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Wherever there’s a need for accuracy, speed and reliability, there’s a Kirby Lester counting device for the job.

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Kirby Lester provides counting devices for industrial settings. The bestselling KL1 is incredibly versatile as a fast, accurate check-counter and QC device. The KL1 is small, portable, easy to clean, and needs no computer interfacing or calibration. The KL1 is the ideal counting machine for use in manufacturing settings as a check counter, verification device, laboratory counter, or small batch counter.


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Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical Applications:


  • Pharmaceutical companies that require non-assembly line counting and verification, in areas such as R&D, QC, laboratories and packaging

  • Contract manufacturing organizations that service the pharmaceutical industry

  • Reverse pharmaceutical distributors that need to accurately inventory medications before destruction

  • Supplement, vitamin and nutraceutical manufacturers

  • Clinical trial organizations that pre-pack a small number of vials/bottles, and verify patient medication quantities

  • Any facility that requires check-counting/piece counting

See how the simple KL1 QC counter works.

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