Our customers tell the ‘Kirby’ story better than we ever could.


Case Studies

Discover how Kirby Lester systems help our customers overcome a challenge, free up time to focus on profit-generating initiatives, save time and save money.

Ottawa Health Mart Ottawa, IL


"KL1 paid for itself in
3 months!"



County Drug
Walters, OK


"KL1 Helps Catch

A Thief"


Kirby Lester KL1

KL1 Case Studies

Petranek’s Pharmacy - Libertyville, IL

K&K Pharmacy - Muleshoe, TX

Pharmacy Automation Customers

KL1Plus Case Studies

KL1Plus Pharmaceutical Tablet Counter


Pharmacy North

Milwaukee, WI


"Small footprint and fast operation wins over Eyecon"

Sardinia Pharmacy
Sardinia, OH


"Prevent Errors Now, Avoid Audit Problems Later"

Kedvon Pharmacy - Chicago, IL

Miller Drug - Yukon, OK

KL60 Case Studies

Seminole Drug, Seminole, OK


"Workflow and Lifestyle Improve

With KL60"

Carolina Family Health Centers, Wilson, NC


"KL60 Needs 10-15 minutes per day, maximum"

Larsen Service Drug, Watford City, ND

Cass Street Pharmacy, LaCrosse, WI

Kirby Lester, from Capsa Healthcare

8170 Dove Parkway

Canal Winchester, OH 43110

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Service 800.243.2465



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