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Kirby Lester, automation by Capsa Healthcare

The Kirby Lester brand is the most trusted name in community pharmacy automation, a pioneer since 1971 with constant innovation and advances. We provide systems to efficiently manage prescription filling, secure your controlled substances, and streamline workflow — whether that’s a hometown community pharmacy, a regional grocer, a national pharmacy chain, a large hospital system’s outpatient pharmacy, or even high-speed/high-volume central fill operations. When every medication needs to be double-checked against the patient script, when every dose of controlled substances must be accounted for, and when labor costs must be kept in check for business success, millions of pharmacy professionals count on Kirby Lester, pharmacy automation by Capsa Healthcare.

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Addressing Labor Shortages In Pharmacies

Nationally, as so many pharmacies deal with a labor shortage, technology is often the most logical solution. But only if that technology can:

  • Handle a high portion of the daily prescriptions
  • Save time directly in the prescription-filling process
  • Save time indirectly by preventing filling errors from getting to pharmacist check
  • Free up staff to focus on profitability and patient-centric activities
  • Drive down Rx filling costs, one of the least profitable but essential components of a community pharmacy’s services

Kirby Lester systems have been installed at record pace over the past two years, and these systems quickly pay for themselves in labor and time savings. Talk to your Capsa account manager about the many ways a Kirby Lester system accomplishes all of these goals – without adding more employees.

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Trending: Electronic C-II Log

The dog-eared, hand-written 3-ring binder that many community pharmacies still rely on is fraught with potential problems. If a DEA or state audit occurs, pharmacies want the assurance of electronic logging to track everything! The Kirby Lester KL1Plus can go far beyond just filling prescriptions. Now, it can help your pharmacy manage controlled medication inventory and eliminate manual logs. (Even use this function for high-value, non-controlled medications). The KL1Plus Inventory Management function provides complete transparency on the medications that need the highest oversight. Ask your account manager for a custom webinar.

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50 Years Of Continuous Innovation

It’s reassuring to be part of an established success. Since 1971, Kirby Lester technology has reduced counting errors at a fraction of the cost of other automated dispensing devices, with accuracy and ease-of-use always built in. That’s why pharmacists and technicians across the globe have used our devices for their entire careers. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we are proud that Kirby Lester technology has always delivered the best quality control and return on investment. Our ever-evolving product line has never been too big, too expensive, or too complicated. Along with our simple, world-renowned pill counters that made the brand famous, we continue to add efficiency and safety features like software that alerts pharmacy technicians if they’re about to make a filling error, devices for controlled medication counting and inventory, pharmacy management system interfacing, and the industry’s most unique pharmacy robot. After 50 years, Kirby Lester is synonymous with pharmacy innovation.

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