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Thanks for your interest, but the KL30 has been retired and replaced by the KL1Plus . See below for links to our newest technology, or to get service/support for your existing KL30.


In designing the KL1Plus, we borrowed the KL30’s best qualities to make an even better device for pharmacy prescription filling. It’s smaller. Simpler to use. With more intuitive software and user prompts. Dramatically faster than other pill counters. We made it even easier for you to ensure that  every patient gets the right medication, dosage and quantity, with every order archived for up to 10 years. Take a fresh look at the KL1Plus.


Counting Device

Click here for KL30 service and support.

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The KL1Plus (left) offers a smaller footprint and updated functionality over the retired KL20 (center) or KL30 (right).

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